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Alert May 2, 2018

Doing business in The Netherlands - 2018 -

DOING BUSINESS IN THE NETHERLANDS 2018   INTRODUCTION Based on the global business environment rankings published by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and ranked on number 3 in the world by Forbes ‘Best Countries for Business’ 2017 ...

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By WLP-Law

Alert March 21, 2018

Brexit Check? The time is now..!

Het Verenigd Koninkrijk zal uiterlijk 29 maart 2019 de Europese Unie verlaten. Vooralsnog: non-negotiable. Het gáát dus gebeuren, tenzij het VK haar brief intrekt en het Europarlement dit goedkeurt. Onder meer Tony Blair is daarvan ...

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By mr. M.P.P. van Buuren & mr. N.E. André de la Porte

Article Nov. 28, 2017

Arbitrage? Niet altijd de beste oplossing!

Internationaal zakendoen betekent internationale contracten. Dikwijls wordt daarbij gekozen voor arbitrage. Vandaar de vraag: is het voor u als ondernemer nu wel of niet verstandig te kiezen voor (ICC-)arbitrage?

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By mr. M.P.P. van Buuren

Alert Aug. 23, 2017

English litigation at a new Commercial Court in Amsterdam

On July 17, 2017, the Netherlands Commercial Court Bill[1] (the “Bill”) was submitted to the Dutch Parliament.

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Alert June 22, 2017

Proposed amendments to the DDWT regime for co-operatives and other Dutch entities

On May 16, 2017 the Dutch Ministry of Finance published its preliminary proposal to amend the Dutch dividend withholding tax (“DDWT”) regime as from January 1, 2018. Under current Dutch tax laws and regulations, public limited companies (“NVs”) and limited liability companies (“BVs”) are in principle obligated to withhold DDWT. On the contrary, Dutch co-operatives (“Co-ops”) are in principle exempt from this obligation to withhold DDWT. The (current) Dutch government (albeit care-taking in anticipation of a nearly to be formed government after recent elections) intends to amend such selective fiscal treatment of these legal forms and has therefore initiated proposals to amend Dutch tax legislation in this respect.

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