Giving back

At WLP-Law we are committed to Giving Back. We give back by providing both time and funding to the Julia Kids Foundation.

The Julia Kids Foundation aims to give children with a disadvantage a fair chance. The foundation was named after Julia, a bright young woman with Down Syndrome. Over the years Julia received a lot of support, and we have joined in giving something back on her behalf.

The first project of the Foundation is the support of the Sunlight Kids House for Boys, in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam. Sunlight houses 24 boys who for various reasons have no home. The boys range in ages from 4 to 18. The boys are typically picked off the street by the police and if there is space, can be housed in Sunlight. They are provided with medical care, dental care, food and clothing. All boys are enrolled in a local school or schooling is provided at the Sunlight house itself.

All monies are transferred directly to Sunlight House and other than bare minimum administrative costs all monies benefit the boys. It is an extremely direct way of doing something good for the world, and give something in return.

The Julia Kids Foundation has committed to ensure Sunlight House is funded at least until and throughout 2021.